New York Fashion Week: Demoo Parkchoonmoo

I was lucky enough to receive an invite to the Parkchoonmoo runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Her spring/summer 2013 collection was based on Korean culture with garments that were loose-fitting and the color palette representing South Korea’s flag. Royal blue, black, red and white was mixed together in layers of leather, chiffon, mesh and other lightweight fabrics. The collection focused on vests and shirts that resembled vests; asymmetrical pieces made it more interesting.
Choonmoo Park is native of Kimje, South Korea, where her family owned a children’s apparel company. After her family moved to Seoul, Park attended Hong-Ik University, where she majored in industrial design, followed by the Kookje Fashion School where she studied fashion design. Her industrial design roots are evident in her fashion designs and have defined her compelling aesthetic. Park has been at the forefront of Korean avant-garde design since 1988, when she launched her label DEMOO. Subsequently, she launched her eponymous line, PARKCHOONMOO. Responding to high demand, the designer opened her first retail store in 1988 in trendy Apgujungdong (Korea) and expanded quickly into other Asian markets. Park favors the striking impact of monotone such as black and white, punctuated by counterpoint of color, and layering to create new combinations that have become a signature of the PARKCHOONMOO aesthetic.
Read more about Parkchoonmoo at the official website